Alabama Gov To Sign Stricter Laws To Battle Fentanyl Trafficking Into Her State
Ivey stated in a press release that “the entire nation should take note of what we accomplished today in Alabama with the passage of House Bill 1,” the bill to help address the fentanyl pandemic. All S ... Read More.
DeSantis Signs Bill Removing Concealed Carry Permit Requirement In Order To Carry Firearm In Florida
Before, in order to carry a concealed weapon, a permit was needed. To obtain a permit, a person had to satisfy a number of citizenship and residence requirements, including passing a background check a ... Read More.
Alvin Bragg Is Not Out Of The Woods; Jordan Says Subpoena On The Table
If Bragg refused to testify voluntarily, Jordan responded to host Maria Bartiromo, “Everything’s on the table, Maria.” “We just received his letter back. We’re evaluating that,” the chairmen said, “and ... Read More.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Going To New York And Wants Others To Join Her
Several of Trump’s supporters have defended him over the last few days, saying that this accusation was motivated by politics. In yet another tweet, Greene urged New Yorkers to don their MAGA caps. “We ... Read More.
AG Merrick Garland Sues Norfolk Southern Railway Corporation
In the lawsuit filed on Thursday, the Department claims that it wants to hold the firm liable for “illegally polluting the nation’s waterways and to guarantee it pays the full cost of the environmental ... Read More.
Protesters Rally for Gun Reform at Tennessee State Capitol After Nashville Shooting
The protest follows a mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, where a transgender person is suspected of killing three pupils and three teachers at a Christian school she reportedly used to attend. ... Read More.
Marjorie Taylor Greene Twitter Account Gets Punished Again
The Republican senator complained that Twitter had disabled her original tweet, the publication noted, but she reshared the poster. After Twitter again removed it, Greene simply deleted it and tried ag ... Read More.
Republican Proposes Legislation To Make It Easier To Report "Illegal" CCP Police Stationss
According to the proposed legislation, “the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall establish a hotline to receive anonymous tips about any person who is, on behalf of the Government of C ... Read More.
Jim Jordan Sends Letter To IRS After They Approached Twitter Files Witness Who Testified In Front Of Congress
Taibbi shared his 2018 tax returns with the select committee, which showed that his tax returns were “accepted electronically” and there were no problems with the returns for “more than four years.” fi ... Read More.
AG Merrick Garland Urges Supreme Court to Restore Ban on Firearms in Domestic Violence Cases
The circuit court declared in its decision that the prohibition on a person’s possession of weapons while subject to a domestic restraining order “is an outlier that our forefathers would never have em ... Read More.
Biden Puts Fentanyl Crisis On MAGA Republicans
His remarks appear to be in response to the House Freedom Caucus budget proposal, which contrasts with his own $6.9 trillion budget that is almost certainly doomed to failure in the lower chamber. A co ... Read More.
Trump: When This Election Is Over, I Will Be President
Trump’s comments come only one week after he sparked a political uproar by claiming that he would be detained as early as Tuesday in connection with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s (D) hush m ... Read More.
Republicans Aren't Happy About Biden's Response To Syria Attacks On Americans
Republicans in Congress claimed that the seeming tit-for-tat between the United States and Iran is an indication of the Biden administration’s weakness. ... Read More.
China Says They Will Oppose Cohered Divestiture Of TikTok
Shu Jueting, a spokesman for the ministry, said that the supposed plans of the Biden administration would cause foreign investors to lose a lot of faith in the U.S. She stated that China would vehement ... Read More.

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