New Fox News Sunday Host Calls Out LIndsey Graham For Seemingly Helping Dems for 2022 Midterms

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was placed under pressure by Shannon Bream of Fox News when she confronted him about the opposition to his plan for a federal ban on abortion.

On Fox News Sunday, Bream spoke with Graham. The subject of the senator’s declaration calling for a nationwide ban on 15-week abortions came up right away. The Fox host pointed out how Graham had received criticism for giving Democrats political ammo as the 2022 midterm elections approached, even from some conservatives.

Bream quoted a source from Politico as saying, “Graham’s stunt is a godsend and helps us remember Americans Republicans intend to restrict abortion everywhere.” Bream next brought up The American Spectator, a publication with a conservative slant that had just run the title “Lindsey Graham Hands Abortion Fans a Box of Hand Grenades.”

Graham responded, “I’m pro-life, even in an election year,” when asked about his opinion.

He stated, “I oppose that to people who argue that being pro-life is losing politics. “Only in Washington is it radical to save a 15-week-old infant from a painful death… I thus don’t regret being pro-life. I believe the pro-life movement has identified a stance that the majority of Americans will support.

As he defended his plan to permit abortions beyond 15 weeks in situations of incest, rape, and to safeguard the mother’s life, Graham went on to criticize the “extreme” views held by Democrats. Bream reacted quickly to point out that Graham has come under fire for changing his position on the subject after having previously argued that abortion should be a question of state autonomy.

Bream said, “You’ve got to explain the pivot.” Shannon, if you know anything about me, you know that I have supported federal legislation outlawing late-term abortion for 20 years. stated Graham.

Bream said, “But you said states should make these judgments.


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