After Witnessing Border Crisis In Realtime; NY Mayor Demands Help From Biden

The Biden administration has come under fire from New York City Mayor Eric Adams for failing to act and pass immigration reform to address the crisis of illegal immigration at the southern border while claiming there is “no room” in the city for the “migrants” being sent there.

On January 15, Democratic El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser and Adams paid a visit to the Texan border city of El Paso. While there, Adams delivered the remarks. Busloads of undocumented immigrants have recently been sent to Democratic-run sanctuary cities including New York, Washington, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles, which has put a pressure on those communities and, in some cases, aggravated an already existing housing and homelessness issue.


Adams claimed on Sunday that websites claiming that New York is full of prospects for immediate employment and will house migrants in hotels rather than providing protected homes are giving them a “false picture” about what to anticipate there.


There is talk among migrants and asylum seekers who have been misled into believing that everything will be alright if they get to New York City. According to The New York Post, Adams stated that we must provide factual information to the public.

“And some of the centers here are carrying out such activity. They are genuinely informing folks that this is what is going on in New York at the moment. When you go to New York, there won’t be any more space for you to live outside of crowded urban areas. Our national government ought to coordinate that, Adams remarked.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to the mayor of New York, should support a coordinated response to the issue in communities where illegal immigration is on the rise (FEMA).

He exhorted members of the US Congress and the Biden administration to pass immigration reform, saying that it was “a national emergency and catastrophe that must be handled.”

Similar statements were made by Adams on January 13, when he claimed that New York City had reached a “breaking point” and would probably be unable to continue housing newly arrived illegal immigrants without assistance from the federal government.

“We are currently experiencing higher levels of immigration than ever before, with over 400 people arriving daily on average over the past week, including 835 asylum seekers on one single day, the highest single-day entry we have recorded to date. According to Adams, all of this is putting New York City in danger.

The mayor stated that the city had sent an urgent request for mutual aid to the State of New York, beginning the weekend of January 13, which first requests the state for assistance in housing 500 incoming asylum seekers, although he emphasized that the number will “balloon” over time.

Adams has previously stated that the city of New York could incur costs of up to $2 billion as a result of the surge of migrants, money that the city will find it difficult to provide as it battles with a significant fiscal deficit.

In the 2022 fiscal year, which ended in September, boarder patrol agents arrested more than 2.2 million illegal aliens along the U.S.-Mexico border, reflecting the rise in border crossings during Biden’s first two years in office. According to Adams on Sunday, there are already about 26,000 illegal immigrants living in New York, and 3,100 more have come in the past two weeks.

“Our cities are being undermined,” Adams added. And we are not deserving of this. This is not something that both immigrants and city dwellers deserve. We demand more from our national leaders to deal with this problem effectively.”





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