“Kerosene” Maxine Waters Is Elated By Donald Trump’s Indictment
When the news broke, Waters gloated and praised Daniels, a sign of the moral decline in American society when a pornographic “actress” is elevated by the media and political figures and may serve as an ... Read More.
If Trump Uses This To His Advantage, There's No Way Anyone Is Going To Beat Him
Trump was selected as the GOP contender in 2024 by 54% of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents polled; only 33% said they would prefer a different candidate. This is an increase of three points fro ... Read More.
McCarthy Joking About Serving Biden A "Soft" Lunch As Hall Of Fame Material
If I worked at the White House, I’d volunteer to deliver lunch. If that’s what he prefers, I can make it really soft. The speaker’s remark that “it doesn’t matter” was met with laughs from the legislat ... Read More.
The New Axis Of Evil Poses A Greater Threat To America
Iran has come together with China and Russia. All three are committed to overthrowing American influence in the world and eradicating freedom everywhere it exists. The danger of simultaneous attack is ... Read More.
UK Wants To Designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard A Terrorist Group; Biden Admin Balks
Despite the fact that the United States took similar actions during the Trump administration, diplomats from the outgoing Biden administration are attempting to thwart a United Kingdom initiative that ... Read More.
Don Lemon’s Time At CNN Could Be Dwindling After This Move
On CNN This Morning last week, Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins got into a heated argument, and viewers are starting to notice a pattern. Several individuals shared video from the Thursday morning program ... Read More.
Hawley: The Republican Party As We Have Known It Is Dead; Independents Abandoned Us This Election
On Tuesday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R–MO) wore his political coroner’s scrubs and declared that the Republican Party as we have known it is “dead.” The senator from Missouri was responding to Tuesday’s midte ... Read More.
Now Candace Owens? Trump’s Paranoia Could Cost Him If He Doesn’t Look Inward
On Wednesday, Daily Wire host Candace Owens attacked former president Donald Trump. Owens bemoaned Trump being angry with her on her show. She quoted The Daily Beast’s “Candace Owens: Trump Is Pro-Vax ... Read More.
Biden Won’t Deviate From Voter Suppression Narrative Even With Early Record Voter Turnout
President Joe Biden allegedly flew to Atlanta in January due to Georgia’s allegedly onerous voting regulations, where he declared: “Jim Crow 2.0 is about two evil things—voter suppression and election ... Read More.
Network’s Gabby Petito Story Seen As Too Soon; Social Media Users Balk At Release
Lifetime has a long history of using true crime tales as the basis for TV movies that are directly based on the news. However, the dramatization of Gabby Petito’s recent murder in the film The Gabby Pe ... Read More.
Why Does A Pro-Life Stance Result In Hate?
A pro-life activist was detained by the FBI early on Friday morning over an altercation with a Planned Parenthood activist in 2021. According to Mark Houck’s family and friends, a pro-abortion proteste ... Read More.
Letitia James’ Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Is A Pile-On Of Trump’s Enemies To Thwart Another Political Run
The most recent and possibly most personal legal issue for the former president Donald Trump is a lawsuit from the attorney general of New York, which targets both his company and his reputation as a s ... Read More.
Fetterman Campaign Back Pedals On Idea Of Releasing ALL 2nd-Degree Killers From PA Prisons
John Fetterman’s campaign for the Democratic Senate nomination is retracting remarks he made last year that seemed to advocate for the release of all second-degree killers from Pennsylvania’s prisons. ... Read More.
2022 Midterms Watch: American Majority Says National Security Is Most Important
A significant majority of voters (80%) believe that national security will be a key issue in this year’s midterm elections due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, threats from China, and cybersecurity. ... Read More.

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