Report: Selective Service Clarifies Policy; Trans Woman Born Male Between Ages 18-25 Still Have To Register

Last week, the Selective Military System reminded males between the ages of 18 and 25 to register for the service, which brought fresh attention to the policy, which had previously been in place for a while. In a now-viral tweet posted on Friday, the SSS stated, “Parents, if your kid is an only son and the last man in your family to bear the family name, he is still needed to register with SSS.”

Many of the responses included social commentary on evolving gender perceptions as well as criticisms of the timing given how rapidly Russia’s war in Ukraine is progressing. Conservative commentator Matt Walsh, the creator of the What Is a Woman? documentary, tweeted, “Parents, we may kill your son and end your bloodline and family name for the sake of defending some irrelevant pile of sand in some godforsaken corner of the globe that holds no worth whatsoever to you or your family.”

The SSS’s tweet included a link to a transgender part of its website, which emphasized that all biological men were obliged to register for the draft. This included American citizens and immigrants who were born men but had their gender converted to women.

The SSS does not need registration for transsexual guys who were classified as female at the time of their birth. The SSS must receive a copy of the person’s birth certificate and a Status Information Letter request form from anyone who has altered their gender from female to male.

People who are transgender are those “whose gender identity and/or expression is different from the sex assigned to them at birth,” according to the Office of Personnel Management.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order permitting all Americans to serve in the military in January 2021, not long after becoming office. According to a statement from the White House, a 2016 study commissioned by the Department of Defense indicated that allowing transgender persons to serve openly in the military would only have “a negligible impact on military preparedness and healthcare expenses.”

According to the release, “The study also found that open transgender service has not significantly affected operational performance or unit cohesiveness in other forces.”

The Biden administration backed “the registration requirement for all Americans, which further secures a military selection system that is fair and reasonable,” according to a statement it released in September.





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