Now Candace Owens? Trump’s Paranoia Could Cost Him If He Doesn’t Look Inward

On Wednesday, Daily Wire host Candace Owens attacked former president Donald Trump. Owens bemoaned Trump being angry with her on her show. She quoted The Daily Beast’s “Candace Owens: Trump Is Pro-Vax Because He’s ‘Too Old’ to Understand the Internet” headline from December 25, 2021. She disputed everything.

“I never once said that Trump was too elderly. [Note: In the video below, her original video was included to show she eluded to the fact he was old] I never wanted Trump to be ignorant of the internet,” she remarked. “However, he acquired that knowledge and took it to be accurate. He misunderstood what I was saying when I stated that he was too old and couldn’t understand the Internet and didn’t realize that I was actually speaking in his defense so that his supporters would continue to support him.


Owens remembered how she learned that Trump was angry with her.

By the way, he wasn’t just upset; he was also being encouraged to act this way by someone sitting next to him during a round of golf with some of our mutual friends. I know this because, once more, this is a mutual friend. Are you not upset with Candace? Are you not upset with Candace? Finally, he said, “Yeah, I’m so pissed at Candace. I’m furious at Candace. And I learned from this that he was upset with me and angry with me. The following time I saw him, he treated me rather impolitely. He genuinely treated me badly.

I’m sharing this personal tale with you because I believe it is what caused me to start doubting him as a person. So you do have someone who has been protecting you for years, right? And that person conducted a completely cordial and impartial interview with you. Your base didn’t like something you said, and you somehow turned that into something I did wrong.

That must change. And that isn’t leading, either. That is not taking responsibility for your mistakes or admitting that you misread anything about your foundation. That is not expanding. That is not progressing. He should have actually made an effort to comprehend why his base was so angry with him, which would have revealed the truth that his base isn’t in favor of COVID vaccinations, plain and simple. That made sense to me. I could’ve informed him of that. But I immediately understood that he wasn’t paying attention. Who is this person standing next to him trying to incite him to lash out at me for attempting to protect him and assert that he is not a shill for the vaccination? Instead, I believe that he truly supports the vaccine. He really did support vaccinations.

Trump, according to Owens, ought to have phoned her to get more information.

“That is what being a person entails. That is the definition of what a friend is. That is what it means to be a friend, as well as a colleague, she remarked. “To truly have relationships with individuals to value the interactions you have with people that don’t take place in the public sphere is what it means to be a colleague,”

Additionally, Owens attacked Trump, denouncing Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

“I believe that Trump is reflected in the MAGA movement. Trump “took a wild strike at DeSantis last week, which I believe was indication of the trepidation I think I’m seeing in him,” she remarked. “Even though DeSantis easily won Florida, I don’t think it helped. He is not currently running against DeSantis.

Owens continued, “I think the base is feeling that apprehension. They don’t know who to trust when it comes to endorsements. Do you trust Trump or DeSantis? Do we take these influencers seriously?

Trump may prevail in 2024, according to Owens: “Trump needs to look in the mirror carefully, glance around the room carefully, and precisely evaluate the environment. He needs to examine those who are influencing his paranoia and making him think that everyone, even his buddies, are out to get him. He also needs to show a little bit more humility when he makes a mistake.”

Trump isn’t flawless. I’m not flawless. I make mistakes. I edit. I thank you for introducing me to this new knowledge. I had no idea about that. There is still time for him to change, but I believe that the election results from last night, which are still trickling in, demonstrate that neither we nor he is certain. That’s all I have to say on the subject.





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