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With Her Daily Religious Blasphemy, What God Does Nancy Pelosi Serve Anyway/
What is Pelosi’s misunderstanding? She seems to think free will equates to free choice or license. The moral code doesn’t apply because it is superseded by individual choices. A person is free to do wh ... Read More.
Don't Expect Indictment To Hurt Trump's Campaign To The GOP Nomination
The indictment was met with vehement opposition from both sides. In a tweet, Texas Representative Ronny Jackson, a Republican, wrote: “This is a horrible day in American history. The only “crime” commi ... Read More.
Divide And Distracted! That's The Washington Boogie!
The masters are largely safe from ever having to answer for their mistakes and crimes thanks to the big club’s extraordinary achievement in separating and dumbing down the US population. Principled rea ... Read More.
Have The Democrats Punked Americans Into Not Protesting A Bad Government?
Everybody who loves what America should be should protest the suffering of our country. Until Americans are once again led by those who will sincerely pursue justice, safeguard liberty, uphold the rule ... Read More.
Biden And His Crew Are Doing Their Damndest To Destroy Our Way Of Life
The US and the dollar have long dominated the neoliberal capitalist system upon which the current global economy is based. The economic policies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher served as the fou ... Read More.
Dems Overplayed Their Cards! Indict or No Indict, Donald Trump Wins!!
A conviction, according to Budowich, would “rip open the floodgates of political support” and bring “campaign contributions like we’ve never seen before.” You’re going to see President Trump continue t ... Read More.
Why Are Leftists So Against A National Ban Of Trans Women And Girls From Women Sports
Republican US Rep. Greg Steube’s third measure would define sex as “based exclusively on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth” and change federal civil rights statutes against sex disc ... Read More.
Candidates Running On Defeating "Wokeness" Alone Are Missing The Boat And Ripe For Failure
Just part of the solution is anti-wokeness. The Republican candidates must win more votes than they lose to avoid the mistakes of 2022. The nation must also be given with a complete governance plan inc ... Read More.
Who Ever Thought This Guy Could Be President?
Buttigieg is FDR compared to Kamala Harris. The vice president is still reeling from the February 6 New York Times piece about her “sad reality” of blowing her political opportunity. ... Read More.
U.S. Government Official Continues Narrative That China Is Going To Help Russia Against Ukraine
According to CIA Director William Burns in a recent interview, the United States is “certain” that China is “considering” providing Russia with lethal assistance for its conflict with Ukraine. One week ... Read More.
China Denies Helping Russia Allegation; Tells Blinken To Examine Your Own Conduct Instead of Spreading Fake News
China denied the U.S. accusation that it had considered arming Russia in its conflict with Ukraine, calling it “nonsense.” The accusations were made by Secretary of State Antony Blinken at a time when ... Read More.
Lori Lightfoot Could Be Done In Chicago; It’s About Time!
The incumbent mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is the first to acknowledge that her reelection campaign won’t be easy. In an interview with NBC News, Lightfoot stated, “There are nine persons on the ballot.” “Th ... Read More.
U.S. Warns China Not To Send Lethal Aid To Help Russia; As It Continues To Send Aid To Zelenskyy
American officials are worried that China won’t follow orders and would ultimately provide deadly aid to support Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. The Biden administration has repeatedly warned Beijing s ... Read More.
Message To Dems! Reforming Social Security And Medicare Is Not Destroying It
Ronald Reagan was the last president to change Social Security. To come up with remedies for the issues the program was experiencing, he established the Greenspan Commission. After that, Reagan collabo ... Read More.
By Now, You’ve Probably Come To Realize You Can’t Trust The Biden Admin
President Joe Biden enjoys making commitments backed by the reputed value of his ancestry. In March of 2020, he pledged, “I give you my word as a Biden, I will lead with science, listen to the experts ... Read More.

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