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Expect The Most Idiotic And Most Ridiculous Excuses When Dems Lose, Oh They’re Coming!
Since Democrats are incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions or the results of those actions, especially when voters hold them responsible for the disastrous consequences of those action ... Read More.
How Are The Midterms Going To Go? Here’s My Overall Breakdown
What can we anticipate from the midterm elections tomorrow? To put it briefly, we should expect Republican advances based only on historical precedent. Barring a very amazing turn of events, that resul ... Read More.
Maybe We Should Call It A Red Reckoning Because It’s About To Get Ugly
Democrats alone are responsible for the impending red tsunami. On matters that matter to voters, such as economic concerns, public safety, and parental engagement in school, liberal politicians are wro ... Read More.
The Politicization Of The FBI Is Why The Agency Needs To Go Away!
Certain divisions of the FBI, particularly those at the top, are hotbeds of politicization and cruel treatment of citizens. A National Review editorial suggests one key remedy, and a House Republican r ... Read More.
If Dems Weren’t So Arrogant, The 2022 Midterms Wouldn’t Be As Bad As It Will Be!
Joe Biden stated that “we know that democracy is at jeopardy in our bones.” a serious assertion. But Biden’s address in prime time, made just days before the November elections, and his overall stance ... Read More.
Chinese Authorities Are Being Allowed To Carry Out Policing Operations In New York
A human rights advocate claims that China’s alleged foreign police service stations and their efforts to get people to return home represent a risky expansion of the regime’s international influence. A ... Read More.
Time Will Tell If Twitter Is Better Under Elon Musk; But We All Know Change Was Needed
It is undeniable that Elon Musk controls Twitter. Musk fired three top executives in his first action as the “Chief Twit.” The quick notification that their services were no longer needed was given to ... Read More.
Good Grief! Nearly 250K Ballots Mailed To PA Voters Without Verified Names?
According to the election integrity group Verity Vote, nearly 250,000 ballots were mailed to Pennsylvania voters without having their names validated, according to state data. Fifteen members of the Pe ... Read More.
Don’t Get Angry If Americans Don’t Buy The Paul Pelosi’s Assault Narrative
Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, attempted her hand on MSNBC’s “The Morning Show” on Sunday but didn’t have much luck. The attack on Paul Pelosi was a major focus of the segment, an ... Read More.
Biden And Company Want Americans To Depend On Government For Everything!
The question of whether or not President Joe Biden intends to reshuffle his economic staff following the 2022 midterm elections was posed to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre this week. “A ... Read More.
Facebook Fortunes Are Starting To Reverse In A Huge Way; Zuckerberg Not Golden Anymore!
According to latest earnings reports, Mark Zuckerberg has invested more than $36 billion in his failing Metaverse project since 2019. The CEO has since watched more than $30 billion of those funds vani ... Read More.
Biden - Attack On Pelosi’s Husband Developed From Republican Falsehoods About 2020 Election
The attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) husband at their San Francisco home was dubbed “despicable” by Joe Biden on Friday. He also stated that it was a logical development from the falsehoods ... Read More.
Biden’s Attempt To Fool American Public About His Bad Policies Is Backfiring
Joe Biden has made a lot of effort to sound upbeat about the American economy. He has assured the American people that their economy is performing better than most others. He is correct, but most Ameri ... Read More.
Due To Today’s Political Climate, Are You Finding Yourself Keeping Your Views To Yourself?
Americans around the nation are debating hot-button political issues with family, friends, and coworkers as the midterm elections get near. But now it is natural to wonder just how honest they are in s ... Read More.
Establishment Republicans Keep Trying To Reassure Voters That Donald Trump Will Not Be Their Nominee
A increasing number of well-known Republicans are warning that former President Trump shouldn’t run for office again in 2024 or that he will lose if he does, foreshadowing divisions within the party th ... Read More.

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