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Why 13 Is Too Young To Join Social Media
Social media has become an integral part of modern life and is used by everyone, from young children to adults. However, despite the fact that it can help people stay connected, social media can be ext ... Read More.
McCarthy Still Searching For Way To Remove Ilhan Omar, Even With Dissent In Republican Ranks!
After failing to get their conference to agree on the concept, House Republicans are now scurrying to find a legislative strategy to keep Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar off the House Foreign Affairs Commit ... Read More.
They Can’t Keep Spending Money Like This And It Not Cause A Catastrophe
Too much power is in the hands of the federal government. Because of all the things it funds, regulates, and supports that it has no business supporting, the government imposes excessive taxes, wastes ... Read More.
If You’re A Parent That Cares About Your Child, You Should Support School Choice
Every child in the United States should have access to a high-quality education that can pave the road to realizing their goals and achieving economic and social success. Many schools in the United Sta ... Read More.
Could Ronna McDaniel Win Reelection At RNC Winter’s Meeting; You Can Count On It
At the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting, there has been widespread speculation that RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel will easily win a record-setting fourth term when ballots are counted on Frida ... Read More.
Believe It Or Not, Some House Republicans Ok With Dem Rep Maintaining Her Committee Seat
Even though House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has threatened to remove Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Omar may still be able to preserve he ... Read More.
McConnell Backs Away From Debt Ceiling Fight; Leaving Discussions To McCarthy, House
Senate Republicans have said that any plan to increase the debt ceiling must begin in the House, leaving discussions to Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who is under pressure from his party’s conservativ ... Read More.
Secret Documentary Debuts At Sundance Film Festival Targeting Justice Brett Kavanaugh??
More than four years have passed since Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a justice of the Supreme Court on October 6, 2018. His swearing came after what may be the most contentious Supreme Court Senate c ... Read More.
Joe Biden Is Not The Best America Has To Offer, Not Even Close
President Biden’s open contempt for anyone who challenges his actions or judgment is one of his political character traits. Since the discovery of secret documents at his office and home, this has been ... Read More.
Joe Biden Had Better Start Worrying About His Dem Friends
Democrats voiced worry on Sunday that many classified document finds at President Biden’s private residence and a previous office could cast doubt on his agenda and pave the way for additional Republic ... Read More.
Classified Documents Mishandling is One Thing; Dem Mayors Angry At Biden Over Border Crisis
Even Democratic mayors are becoming increasingly enraged with the administration’s lack of care, which is increasing the pressure on President Joe Biden and national Democrats to start taking the borde ... Read More.
Doesn’t It Seem As If The DOJ Was Onboard With Hiding The Biden Classified Doc Scandal?
Despite their repeated assertions of transparency, the White House and Justice Department (DOJ) reportedly decided to keep the public in the dark about the scandal involving President Joe Biden’s sensi ... Read More.
Illinois Democrats Just Passed A Law Banning High-Powered Weapons And High-Capacity Magazines
The Democrats who control the state hailed the broad prohibition on the sale of some high-powered weapons and high-capacity magazines that Illinois legislators passed last week as a life-saving measure ... Read More.
The Political Establishment And Media Think They’ve Done Enough To End Any Future Trump Runs
Republicans are cautioning against dismissing former President Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, claiming that he remains the clear front-runner despite indications that others inside the GOP are pre ... Read More.
I Don’t Post Conspiracies But This Jaw-Dropping Biden Classified Docs Saga Seems Fishy
Little has changed since the initial exposé of President Joe Biden’s careless handling of sensitive documents. Quickly after the midterm elections, we found out that a group of secret documents had bee ... Read More.

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