Trump: Deep State Stepped Up Attacks Against Me When I Threatened To End Ukraine Conflict
The deep state has been relentlessly after me since I vowed to rapidly put a stop to the bloodshed in Ukraine, Donald Trump said, adding that “it’s no coincidence that it’s been one witch hunt and fals ... Read More.
Putin To Place Tactical Nuclear Weapons In Belarus After UK Supplies Ukraine With Depleted Uranium Weapons
Putin said the decision to act was driven by the United Kingdom’s plan to supply Kiev with depleted uranium weapons. A shipment of rounds for use in Ukraine’s Challenger 2 battle tanks was announced by ... Read More.
Former Russian President: If Putin Is Arrested, Consider That As An Act Of War
It is unlikely that the arrest warrant could be carried out because the ICC does not have a police force, making a government Putin’s only option for detention. The warrant does make it more difficult ... Read More.
Journalist Seymour Hersh Just Doubled Down On Blaming Biden for Nord Stream Sabotage
The Pulitzer Prize winner claimed that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan contacted “the folks that were initially requested to execute the job” of destroying the pipes near the end of 2021. ... Read More.
Bordeaux Town Hall Set Ablaze In French Pension Reform Protests
While rallies in the capital remained largely peaceful, some masked protesters dressed in black made their way through the streets, breaking store windows, looting McDonald’s, and destroying outdoor fu ... Read More.
DeSantis Calls Putin A "War Criminal" While Walking Back ‘Territorial Dispute’ Remark On Ukraine
When questioned by Morgan about his remark about a “territorial issue,” DeSantis maintained his belief that Ukraine “has the rights to that region.” “If I could click my fingers, I’d give it back to Uk ... Read More.
Uganda President Signs Bill Outlawing Same-Sex Relationships; Biden White House Not Happy
According to CNN, the bill features “some of the world’s strongest anti-gay laws” and was filed last month by an opposition legislator whose stated objective was to punish “promotion, recruiting, and f ... Read More.
India Cuts internet And SMS Features To Millions Of People In Punjab Manhunt
​​​​​​​Shutting down throughout the state is undoubtedly out of scale, according to Sugathan. “Nowadays, practically everything requires the internet. The impact on the populace if you shut down the en ... Read More.
Partners For Life! China And Russia Make Huge Decision During Moscow Summitt
The two leaders discussed a new economic order during Xi’s three-day visit as a counterbalance to Western countries; their collaboration might lessen the impact of sanctions or other actions taken agai ... Read More.
Bill Gates Pushes For WHO's Global Health Emergency Corps To Help Fight Future Pandemics!
He supported the Global Health Emergency Corps, a network of “elite health emergency leaders,” which the WHO is attempting to establish. In order to respond to “transnational dangers,” this “corps of p ... Read More.
North Korea Fires Off Another Short-Range Ballistic Missile; Fourth Time This Week: REPORT
According to Pyongyang, the recent spike in missile launches is a reaction to the continuing “Freedom Shield” military drills between the US and South Korea. The North has made it clear time and time a ... Read More.
Germany Just Forewarned Its Citizens About An Impending Energy Crisis Next Winter
“A gas shortage for the upcoming winter cannot be ruled out. Danger considerations include a particularly cold winter in 2023–2024, inadequate savings by individuals and businesses, and a failure of th ... Read More.
Arrest Warrant For Vladimir Putin Issused
The President of Russia is being accused of war crimes for the illegal deportation and transfer of children from Ukraine. ... Read More.
Previously Disclosed 2.5 Tons Uranium Now Missing Is Found In Libya
The UN inspector on nuclear matters said that 2.1 metric tons of ore had mysteriously gone from a facility in Libya ... Read More.
China's Xi Jinping To Visit Moscow Next Week; 'Promote Strategic Cooperation'
According to the Kremlin, Xi and Putin will discuss and exchange ideas on “problems of further development of comprehensive partnership and strategic engagement between Russia and China” ... Read More.

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