Can We Get A SPEED 3 Team Up With Sandra Bullock? Keanu Reeves Answers That And More

After a bus and a boat, might the third Speed movie feature any other exciting means of transportation? Scott Evans asked Keanu Reeves this very question while chatting with him at the John Wick: Chapter 4 premiere. When asked by the Access Hollywood reporter if he would return to the Speed franchise, Reeves said that only a great script would get him to do so.

The original Speed movie turns 30 the following year. In addition to winning two Academy Awards (Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Sound), the July 1994 release of Jan de Bont's picture made more than $350 million worldwide. The Matrix actor held out a picture of himself and Sandra Bullock with Keanu Reeves from the set of Speed and exclaimed, "Hello Sandy!" Hi.”

In response to Evans' inquiry as to what it would take to reunite him and Bullock for Speed 3, Reeves said, "A terrific narrative, a great script." When pressed further to confirm his certainty, Reeves said, "Of course!"

In 1997, a sequel to the blockbuster film Speed was released under the title Speed 2: Cruise Control. This film did not feature the return of Reeves. While Bullock didn't return, newcomers Jason Patric and Willem Dafoe did. Over a decade after their first on-screen reunion in Speed, Bullock and Reeves reteamed for the fantasy romance film The Lake House (2006).

Bullock told FOX 5 New York's Rosanna Scotto in 2022 that she would be interested in doing Speed 3 if the Harry Potter actor directed it, while promoting their film The Lost City with co-star Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe made light of the situation by saying, "Speed 3: Horsepower, [Sandra] on a horse—My friends have been pitching it to me." If Daniel were to direct Speed 3: Horsepower, Bullock said, "That's what'll get me out of the home." Nevertheless, Radcliffe cautioned, "Don't intimidate me with a good time."

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