Yellowstone's Success Looks To Have Another Prequel On The Way

Taylor Sheridan, who was raised in Fort Worth, seems to be expanding his Yellowstone universe. According to Tom Prince, the executive vice president of production at 101 Studios, 1944 is being produced as a prequel to Yellowstone and a follow-up to 1883 and 1923.

Recently, Prince made an appearance at a gathering at Hamilton City Hall in Montana. He didn't say much about the series other than its title and the location of the production.

Since it must occur in what is now known as Chief Joseph Ranch, where much of Yellowstone is filmed, Prince predicted that the majority of the filming will take place in the Bitterroot Valley in his interview with the Gazette.

Prince was not accessible, according to a 101 Studio representative who answered the phone on Monday in Beverly Hills, and the studio was unable to comment on whether or not a show was in the works.

Monday, Paramount Networks has not replied to an email asking for comment. The Hollywood Reporter and USA Today acknowledged that 1944 is in production.

Sheridan, 52, is involved in ten TV shows. North Texas, including Fort Worth, is the location for the filming of his limited series 1883: The Bass Reeves Story.

The Dutton family is followed in Sheridan's 1883 as they flee difficult circumstances in Texas and settle in Montana in search of a better existence. The Dutton family is followed in 1923 during the Prohibition era and the Great Depression.

Another generation of the Dutton family may appear in 1944, which is 20 years later and during World War II. The program might replace Yellowstone, which might not air past its sixth season.

Last month, rumors that Kevin Costner may leave the show because he wanted to cut down on his filming time sparked discussion about Paramount's intentions to cancel Yellowstone.

Costner's lawyer disputes that he intends to make cuts. Sheridan, a resident of Weatherford, has remained silent.

Thus far, Sheridan has not had to cancel any of its productions. The 10-episode season of 1883, which aired on Paramount+ and has an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, served as a precursor to 1923.

According to Prince, Yellowstone has achieved success on a global scale.

He told the Gazette, "It's a big hit, not only in the United States." "Only two weeks ago, I was in Europe. How the hell do you know about Yellowstone in London, I asked them when they mentioned it in London. It's a very sizable spectacle. Moreover, it is the best television currently produced.

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