Right After Biden Fell On Stage, He Had Another “Accident” Getting Off His Helicopter

Biden has been tripping, falling and stumbling so much that you have to wonder if the guy has a banana peel permanently stuck to his shoe.

Seriously, every time he shows up in public, it's like he's either tripping over his words or tripping over invisible obstacles.

Biden's latest fall is one of his worst yet, and to add to the hilarity, he even managed to bonk his head on the helicopter door frame while exiting.

From Ok! Magazine

Hours after taking a tumble while onstage at the 2023 U.S. Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado, the Pennsylvania native had another incident while arriving back at the White House.

According to a report, on Thursday, June 1, the POTUS "bumped his head on the doorframe while exiting the helicopter but otherwise appeared spry."

The head bump didn't seem to bother the 80-year-old, as when he walked across the lawn to return home, he poked fun at his accidents.

"I got sandbagged!" he declared to reporters, referring to the sandbag he tripped over at the graduation ceremony. The animated POTUS gave a shrug before doing a little jig and heading inside.

Good grief, Joe, your lame jokes aren't distracting anyone.

We can all see that you would be better suited sitting in a wheelchair rather than standing behind a podium.

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