An Algorithm Changed Forced Some Twitter Users To Block Elon Musk’s Tweets: Report

According to Platformer, Elon Musk’s tweets are now prominently displayed at the top of many Twitter users’ feeds, and this placement is no accident. The Twitter CEO reportedly threatened to dismiss his team of engineers if they didn’t create a system that would better promote his tweets to all users.


According to the site, who previously reported that Musk fired a principal engineer who suggested engagement was down due of diminishing interest in Musk, “Musk has been preoccupied with the amount of engagement his posts are garnering in recent weeks.” The last straw, though, reportedly occurred when President Biden’s Super Bowl posts earned more impressions than Musk’s.

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Biden received nearly 29 million impressions from his tweets expressing support for the Philadelphia Eagles, compared to 9.1 million for Musk. This came after Musk stated in a tweet that 95% of his tweets “were not getting sent at all.” According to Platformer, an early Monday communication to the Twitter team highlighted the “high urgency” problem and requested any available engineers to help.

Engineers apparently discovered that Musk’s tweets weren’t performing well in the “For You” section, where users may view tweets from persons they don’t follow, despite the fact that many users have muted or blocked the CEO in recent months.

The algorithm was subsequently modified, according to Platformer, “artificially boosting Musk’s tweets by a factor of 1,000—a continuous score that ensured his tweets rank higher than everyone else’s in the feed.” According to the source, engineers also permitted Musk’s tweets to skip filters that would typically prevent a single user’s tweets from flooding the feed.

Users complained that Musk’s tweets were “flooded” their feeds as a result of the change, according to Yahoo. Musk confirmed this on Monday by posting a meme that appeared to imply consumers were being forced to consume his stuff. Additionally, he implied that changes would be done. Although the factor has dropped below 1,000, Platformer claims that the “artificial boosts made to his account remain in place.”

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