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The 4th Estate’s Latest Moves Just Reminds Us They Can’t Be Trusted
It is clear from the recent concerted attacks by mainstream media figures against independent journalist Matt Taibbi that the media in the United States views its audience as drooling idiots. This incr ... Read More.
Even With A Divided Government, The Twitter Files Need Investigations And Criminal Referrals
Questions regarding the Biden administration’s suspected role in cooperating with social media corporations to restrict disfavored viewpoints were raised again with the release of the second batch of t ... Read More.
GOP Needs To Get Into The Game Or Move Out Of The Way
In the days leading up to Herschel Walker’s loss in Georgia’s Senate race on Tuesday, astute Republicans likely felt gloom because they knew he was already defeated. A mountain of absentee ballots serv ... Read More.
Dems Want Urgent Action On Immigration Reform; “Stakes Are Too Great For Inactivity At This Point”
Members of the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) have called on members of Congress to take “urgent action” regarding immigration reform in order to enact legislation that will protect Dreamers before the e ... Read More.
To Gain Back Trust; Congress Republicans Need To Curtail Spending
Senate Republicans are joining the call to put the breaks on spending after House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., implored Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., not to cave in to addition ... Read More.
Report: A Twitter Lawyer Who Helped Start Russia Probe On Trump BLOCKED Hunter Laptop Story
The FBI investigation into the now-debunked allegations that President Trump conspired with Russia to win the 2016 election was sparked by a top Twitter lawyer who backed the censorship of the bombshel ... Read More.
Some Senate GOP Members Are Working With Dems To Produce Immigration Reform Proposal
We have written at length about the Democrats’ frequent disconnection from reality when it comes to their positions on many subjects. During the 2022 midterm elections, it was made clear. During the mo ... Read More.
As Georgia Runoff Begins, Some Republicans Are Already Bracing For Bad News
Republicans are pleased to finally turn the page and focus beyond 2024, but they are bracing for another midterm election loss in Georgia’s Senate runoff on Tuesday. Insiders from the Georgia Republica ... Read More.
The Achilles Heel Between Dems And Republicans Is That Liberals Don’t Quit; They Have No Shame
Some people—call let’s them decent human beings—will stop what they’re doing as soon as they realize it’s wrong or hurtful to others and won’t continue to do it in the future. Democrats are the next gr ... Read More.
Attacking The Lighting Of The City’s Christmas Tree Is Not Only Evil, It’s Demonic!
Last week, Philadelphia celebrated its annual tree lighting event to usher in the holiday season. The night was anything but silent as hundreds of people joyously gathered to witness the city light up ... Read More.
Miscalculating Dems Are Doubling Down On Biden After 2022 Midterms; Wait For It
Democrats were bound to draw the incorrect conclusions from their inflated performance in the midterm elections. The unpopular 80-year-old president is now being supported by the Democratic Party in th ... Read More.
Biden’s Sec Of State Whines That Russia’s Putin Is Trying To Weaponize Winter?
According to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Russian President Vladimir Putin is “seeking to weaponize winter” to inflict suffering on Ukrainian residents. According to Mr. Blinken, as the coldest w ... Read More.
Americans Will Not Forget That The Worst Inflation In Decades Is Happening Under The Dems Watch
Lawmakers should be concerned about October’s 7.7% year-over-year inflation rate, particularly Democratic politicians whose policies have exacerbated the issue. However, it appears that some well-known ... Read More.
They’ve Changed? Repubs Vote To Keep Earmarks In Spending Bills
Despite opposition from members of their conservative wing, Republicans in the legislature voted on Wednesday to maintain earmarks in spending legislation. The conference voted 52-158 against Rep. Tom ... Read More.
Strange How Media Moved The Paul Pelosi Story Off The Headlines; What Happpened To The Attacker?
The attack on the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which sparked establishment media indignation about right-wing rhetoric, happened more than a month ago, but the details of what transpired are ... Read More.

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