Remember The Duggars? This Couple Is Breaking Tradition And Gaining Freedom
PDA is not tolerated by the Duggars, and since Hannah hails from a large, traditional brood, it is probably not tolerated in her family either. But since Jeremiah and Hannah are consenting adults, it i ... Read More.
Top AI researcher Warns: Humanity Will Be Extinct
A sufficiently clever AI won’t be restricted to computers for very long, according to Yudkowsky. The AI would probably be able to “create artificial life forms or bootstrap straight to postbiological m ... Read More.
Elon Musk Wants To Have Sit Down With China In Upcoming Weeks | Report
Despite Musk’s deepening financial connections with China, the country has expressed reservations about some of his business undertakings. Military researchers have previously called for a means to “de ... Read More.
College Professor Suspended After Facebook Post: Better To Harm Political Opponents Than Protest Them
Right-wing organisations “bring such speakers to campus exactly because they want to trigger an incident that discredits the left and offers greater prominence and validation to these terrible views th ... Read More.
Legislation Banning Marriages Under Age 16 Passes In West Virginia
The state of West Virginia has decided to ban marriages between minors. On Wednesday, a compromise deal signed by Republican Governor Jim Justice outlawed marriage for anybody younger than 15. Teens ag ... Read More.
Priscilla Presley And Granddaughter Riley Keough Continue To Have Harsh Legal Battle
After Lisa Marie’s passing, it was learned that her oldest son Keough and her late brother Benjamin had been named co-trustees of her trust. After that, Presley began challenging her late daughter’s de ... Read More.
Daily Wire's Michael Knowles: White People Are "Least Racist" People In The World
White folks are typically the least racist people on earth, Michael Knowles added. In a most technical sense, I say that. Studies on racial consciousness have been conducted. White people by far have t ... Read More.
Twitter's Source Code Revealed Online; Elon Musk Wants Identity Of Perpetrator
In order to compel Github to reveal who was responsible for the leak, Twitter has requested a subpoena. A Github representative informed the BBC that the company “usually does not comment on decisions ... Read More.
Elon Musk Admits Losing Over $20 Billion After Twitter Acquisition But Platform Is Changing
The New York Times reports that Musk informed Twitter staff via email on Friday night that the company is now valued at $20 billion. He stated that in order to prevent insolvency, “radical adjustments” ... Read More.
Elon Musk to Revoke Twitter Legacy Verification System on April 1; Paid Users Will Be Spared
Musk first announced that Twitter Blue will be made available to everyone on November 1 of last year, but that it would come at a cost. His tweet at the time read, “Twitter’s current lords & peasants s ... Read More.

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